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ANE 2019

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

We had to set up and tear down each day so I got to experiment with different 3 ft set ups!

I was lucky enough to be selected for Anthro New England 2019's Artist's Alley!

Convention exclusive coasters in glow in the dark and 2 ton acrylic were a hot item! So were the dog tags!

Mousepads and several of my sticker designs also sold out!

It was a challenge working with a half table set up given how my company has grown, but it was definitely a fun experiment in showcasing my work in such a small space. I feel very confident in applying for half tables for future events!

I haven't gotten to suit at cons recently, but I got to spend a fair amount of time in Mira at this con! Mira is a suit I made in 2015, and a suit for Echo is currently in the works!

In summary:

My first ANE was a great one! I met a bunch of awesome people, got to make badges for a ton of really cool characters, challenged myself professional and have a lot of adventures in and out of suit! This con will definitely make the yearly registry!

See you all at Furthemore Dealer's Den!

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