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NCC Youth Pride Festival

I had a fantastic time vending at the NCC Youth Pride Festival! #EchoicArt met so many wonderful activists in the community and spoke with wonderful and brave locals. The entertainment was top notch, complete with a surprise wedding! We will definitely mark our calendar to vend at the event again next year as well as Delaware Pride

Here is my booth with my new official sign! Galaxy Shark came too!

NCC Youth Pride Festival

My friend Scott mentioned the event to me. I originally thought I would be unable to go due to a scheduling conflict, however plans opened up and I figured I would check it out. Oh my goodness the event was amazing! The organizers were incredible, the various vendors and non profits were all wonderful people, and I absolutely loved getting to meet the community. I really wish there had been a similar event when I was growing up as a queer teenager. Food trucks, drag shows, live music performances, theatre... you name it, it was there! All celebrating diversity and acceptance for youth and adults alike! I was so excited to see parents supporting their kids, wearing pronoun badges and waving rainbow flags. My only complaint about the event is that it only ran until 2 pm; I would have been delighted to stay there all day!

New Queer Gear!

Echoic Art used the festival to prototype some new designs!

  • LGBT Paper Stickers

  • LGBT Badges

The badges did better than the stickers, possibly due to the paper prototyping. PANda design completely sold out! Queery and Weary just about did as well! I'm Pretty Ace did well on the pre made badge front, but enTRANSed needs to be revisited.

Interested in preordering a badge or sticker? Have strong feelings about any of these designs? Fill in anonymous form here!

All in All, it was a great event, see you next Pride!

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