Highlights Ahoy!

Vendor Set Ups

Below are examples of my various vendor set ups at: Outdoor shows, Indoor full length tables, half tables, minimal display 2 ft set ups, height restricted set ups and zoom-ins of set up details.


3D and Functional Art

Functional Art is the basis of what sets Echoic Art apart. My goal is to focus on art that lets you enjoy your fandom in every day life, sometimes in a more covert way and sometimes with pride. Whether that is sipping from a coaster from your favorite con, or hanging your keys up on a rack that happens to look like an 8 bit treasure chest, my goal is to combine the practical and artistic to yield happiness in day to day life.

This gallery features coasters, shot glasses, wearables (shirts, necklaces and dog tags), mousepads, and 3d Printed art.


Commercial and Events

The below includes art I have done for various industry clients. This includes offical art and merch for conventions, logos, and commecial art


Furry Art

Examples of Furry Art found below! This includes sketches, full pieces, badges, and more!


Pets and Wildlife

Pet portraits, sharks, fish and wildlife ahoy! Here you will find various illustrations of real life animals in both realistic and toony representation.


Humans and Fanart

A bit of a broad category, but until I get the site set up with a master gallery and filters, this will have to do! Here you will find video game, comic, DnD and other fanart as well as humanoid illustrations of various sorts!