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Die Cut Vinyl Galaxy Shark Sticker 

  • Water and UV resistant
  • Weather proof -even in incliment conditions like snow and rain 
  • Fantastic for laptops, cars, and is even dishwasher safe!


3 inch Sticker, show your love for sharks and space! Great for all sorts of hard non-porous surfaces (glass, metal, plastic, cars, laptops, game consoles, paper, journals, etc.) 

Galaxy Shark Sticker

  • These stickers feature permanent adhesive. 

    Before placing sticker on a car, laptop or glass, it is recommended you clean and dry the area so dust and debris do not become trapped under the sticker. 

    How to apply: 

    1. Clean area if applicable 
    2. Remove the backing from the sticker
    3. Place sticker in desired location and smooth out the surface
    4. ????
    5. Profit
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