Here are examples of all of my works. Currently a WIP page but later you will be able to navigate through different themes and styles.

Panda Cory

Copic marker illustration of a Panda Corydoras Catfish

One of my earliest traditional pieces, I was inspired by the playful corys in my fish tank. 


Tricolor King Charles Cavalier Spaniel in a play bow.

This was a commission completed for the CKCS club of America

Autumn Stroll

Walking on a chilly day, Reaux listens to music in a cozy hoody

Full body anthro piece, copic markers and prisma colored pencils

And then Kai said...

Relaxing after the taxing adventures through Eorzea, two catgirl girlfriends chat about their Free Company mates and reflect on their adventures.

Final Fantasy XIV fanart of two Miq'ote. 
Digital full colored piece, Clip Paint Studio.


He's too cool for school

Commission for creator of F0X comics on facebook. Prisma colored pencils, microns, gel pen with copic marker background.


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